What is Crepe Fabric? All about it

What is Crepe Fabric

Crepe fabric is a crimped fabric that has a unique texture. It’s delicate, comfort to wear and loved by many people. Crepe fabric is very famous in fashion. You can easy to find this fabric in everyday clothes.

This versatile crepe fabric is popularly used all over the world. Because it has a variety of types. So, I will run through on this article.

History of crepe fabric

Crepe fabric made from natural fibers such as silk and wool. But now, there has been a synthetic version and it is widely used. And there are many variations of colors and styles but with unchanging beauty and uniqueness.

Historically, crepe fabric was often used in mourning clothes. In Victorian England, they combined black mourning clothes with a crepe. Over time, crepe fabrics are used in everyday wear and make them the perfect choice for various occasions.

Characteristics and feels of Crepe Fabric

Crepe fabrics are popular because they are comfortable and light on the body. It feels like a fine gauze covering the body. crepe fabrics tend to conform and cover the body very well

The facts about Crepe Fabric

The largest crepe manufacturers are China and Australia. China is known as the largest synthetic textile exporter.

In China, it specializes in producing variants of crepe fabrics made from silk and synthetics. Meanwhile in Australia, which is famous for its own wool in producing wool-based variants.

Types of Crepe Fabric

  • Wool Crepe :  It’s a wool based crepe that has a bulkier and rougher surface
  • Crepe Georgette : silk or synthetic silk based crepe with a stretchy characteristic used for dresses
  • Crepe Charmeuse : It’s silk based crepe that uses crepe twist yarn in the satin weave technique
  • Polyester Crepe : it’s a fabric crepe that lightweight and more cheaper, most people use it for everyday cloth.
  • Crepe-back satin : this crepe is have a dual surfaced: smooth and reverse crimped
  • Crepe de Chine : It’s a silk based crepe from China that uses hard twisted yarns
  • Aerophane : it’s crepe that no longer in production
  • Crepe Anglaise : It’s a crepe fabric typically black and white in color, used in England

There are many more types of Crepe Fabric. Crepe fabric is a nice types of fabric that good for every purpose cloth.

How to Care for Crepe Fabric

Caring for the crepe is so easy. It is only necessary to choose a mild laundry detergent and rinse the cloth thoroughly to remove all stains.

To dry the fabric, we recommend using the air drying technique. because the crepe doesn’t need to be ironed. However, if you need to iron it, be careful not to overheat the iron. Just set your iron from low to middle heat is good for care your Crepe Fabric.

That’s all about Crepe fabric. It has unique characteristics that make it ideal for flowy, delicate, and comfort clothing that you can wear anywhere, anytime.